On my weekend my mom said that when we get the farm we are getting some lamas cows peacocks horses chickens and some sheep we had a called a ghost knife but our big fish ate it all we found was a skeleton my big sister and my big brother Kimmie and Mike almost killed one of the fish themselves it was a small one it wasn't that small we have one smaller then it also my mom finely put my desk in my room.


Today we skyped with Marce and David they live on a sailboat called nine of cups in Western Australia they travel all over the world they have rooms on their boat called a saloon,galley and a cabin thave met kangaroos they like to eat crab and coca nuts some times they get sea sick when it's morning for us it's night for them they told us that thave gon to all kinds of schools and the third graders were happy they were there thave went to Antarctica and Africa,Australia,Europe,North and South America thave also met lots of differta peaple mostley kids they also said that they use a bucket and a rag and a tallo to wash there clothes and they met some kids that don't get snow i felt like i whated to let them come over here and have some snow or may be even let them cool down from all that hot nes they need it.


On my weekend i played out side we played out side so much we stayed out there all night long so i went in side to watch TV it went off when i came back to it and mom just thought it was my papa i didn't how can one goest do all this. On Sunday i took a shower and cleaned my room and i didn't make the mess serenity made the mess i all wase have to clean after her when she gets to be lazy my said i needed to resposaberl but i am resposaberl i have my own bunny i washed the dishes better then my big brother and i go places all by my self.


What is that black dot stuff


On my weekend my mom packed her stuff still has not un packed her stuff yet i thank because of my dad is because she her stuff in the first place i got lost with my days my dad said we were gone for 18 years my mom said we were online gone for 4 weeks my mom was right i thank i don't know really oh we'll still my mom is still right my big sister broke my tablet screen so since my dad had 900 dollars he saved from work just in case so he bot me a new laptop and a new phone Kimmie said she was sorry but on Easter she took my Easter candy she even took my big chocklit bunny i only got two big kit katas


It was awesome today we went to the Special Olympics we got to help there wasent really much for us to do but i still like it cause there was food we got to play with are friaeds and also we got to clime rocks bad news is i fell off the big rock everyone tried to help me up im ok now i also found seashells on the way we played soccer baceball Tunis ball racing long jump doukiy dident get to do it there was five games there that we got to play and we had a lot of peaple foll down on the groud so were still not happy about that i also got to see my brother there and i got danc with him lucky me by by.


I wasted my stinky feet for a marker. I dident really get much i hate the stuff that's in my bag. I have no mouney. Only six things.


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